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Min-Zhong 'John' Lu
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I'm from Taiwan and currently residing in New York City. I was a front-end software engineer at Mozilla (MoCo) and a software developer at Plurk Inc. I also do freelancing web designing and photography with much enthusiasm.

I've got my bachelor's & master's degrees in Computer Science from National Taiwan University, plus a year as an exchange student in the United States.

I am multilingual, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English, plus workable Japanese. I also take an interest in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

I have been doing web designing since I was in junior high. I am proficient at HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as a number of server-side technologies such as PHP and MySQL. I also begin developing websites in Flash in late 2010s — only to see its dismissal from mobile platforms. I usually don't rely on frameworks, but employ only one or two libraries that reduce maintenance efforts more than development efforts.

She Shines

This is one HTML5/CSS3/jQuery-powered website I made in collaboration with my wife (who is in charge of visual and UX designing) as our freelance job. The single-page portoflio pages have a unique background image loading mechanism that aims to reduce loading latency and optimize for a wide range of screen resolutions.


Allodynia is a personal concept website created in HTML5/CSS3, plus extensive use of jQuery and my own handrafted tools. Inside the dark raining theme is the textual concepts of my id (as termed by Freud). The background music is played and synthesized by myself. I have also created my own font subsetting technique and optimized a HTML5 canvas-based rain engine.

Chinese only
Mnjul's Intimate Home

I made this Flash-based website to both demonstrate my ability to build a full-fledged website in Flash & AS3 (which in some time prior was something I had thought I was incapable of), and to organize my persona. It includes a unique mechanism to load exported fonts for use as dynamic ones. The website also has a prototype rain engine that would see its maturity in Allodynia.

Chinese only Flash Player required
PSP² UI Demo

This webpage demonstrates the UI of one of my undergrad course projects, made in Flash. Aside from the project's interesting and revealing topic of social graphs (involving Hadoop and HBase), the UI was prasied unanimously.

Chinese only Flash Player required
prcs wretchalbum

This Flash album was originally made to consolidate all the albums from my accounts, whose number totalled over 30 right before closed down. With a dark-themed minimalistic interface, the contrasted clutteredness by the enormous amount of pictures was deliberately crafted to convey the idea of my life mosaic.

I have been programming since early in the elementary school, from ETBASIC (a variant of the Basic interpreter) to Quick Basic to Visual Basic. By the end of high school, I have already learned PHP, C and C++ (mostly Visual C++, though), along with C#. My current proficient programming languages are Python, JavaScript, and C++, and from time to time, I try to learn new languages to refresh myself, such as Ruby and Scala.


A résumé template with a sleek & professional design with pure HTML and CSS, requirng only a web browser to typeset into PDF.


A tiny JavaScript library, hosted at GitHub repository, providing a multi-level queue for managing inter-dependent DOMContentLoaded handlers.


A tiny JavaScript web font loader which emits ProgressEvent, just like an ordinary XMLHTTPRequest. Hosted at GitHub.


A Python script, at GitHub, to back up all your plurks.

PPK Mouse Addon

An unofficial add-on (as a Win32 proxy DLL) to allow popular BBS terminals (such as PCMan or KKMan) to be operated with mouse clicks when browsing BBS sites. This was created with Visual C++ (but using Windows Template Library instead of MFC) and was open source.

Chinese only
Messenger Plus!-related

More than a community staff for Messenger Plus!, I also developed plug-ins and scripts for the MSN/Windows Live Messenger add-on, and wrote some tutorials about deep hacking into the add-on process.


A single-player version of Minesweeper Flags (once a game MSN Games), created in C# for Windows, developed in mid-to-late 2000's. This was one of the latest desktop GUI applications I developed.

Photography is one big aspect in my life. I have had my point-and-shoot since I got into university, and went on to have my DSLR. Even today, I still carry my point-and-shoot with me even though I have a smartphone. Besides digital photography, I also know a little bit about film photography through attending the photography club in my university's years; as such, my photography knowledge is mostly derived from film photography.

Picasa Gallery

I put my best photos in this Picasa album since 2008. It is periodically updated.


deviantART contains more of my experiental photography works, such as experimentation with tilt-shift and light painting post-processing. It is periodically updated.

Kyoto Trip Album

I visited Kyoto, Japan with my friend in April 2009 to marvel at the cherry blossom. And I want to share the magnicient views with people (along with delicious foods).

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DaDaoCheng Fireworks Album

The fireworks of 2012 Taipei DaDaoCheng Fireworks Festival, in late August. To take these wonderful fireworks, my friends and I had to be at the location in the early afteroon and wait under the scorching sun until sunset. There are pictures of blendings of dozens of exposures in deviantART.

Friends' Pre-Wedding Album

I took the responsibility (along with an acquaintance of mine) to shoot the pre-wedding photos for my friends couple. It actually took a lot of post-processing to get the final results looking professional.

I have strong interest in classical music especially the Baroque era through the early Romatic era. As a piano learner when I was a child, I have developed absolute pitch. Even though I did not pursue a music-related career, I have still maintained interest in playing the piano and music composition.

StreetVoice Compositions

I have been composing music pieces throughout the years with my computer and MIDI keyboard. All of them are instrumental (i.e. without vocal parts) and mostly imitating classical music. Occassionaly the pieces get adapted for other works (from all over the world through the Internet) or get performed live.

Piano Performance @ YouTube

Sometimes when I take the leisure to record (with a semi-professional Sony audio recorder) my piano performances at home. As elementary pieces as the performances mostly are, they are played with well-balanced touches, thanks to strict training from my tutor and Hanon's exercises.

I enjoy writing, from technical articles to personal blogs, or just reflections from my trips. I think writing helps me to think and reason structurally and logically, and also enables me to look into issues deeper.

Matrix Blog

This blog is more technical oriented, about how I'm messing around with my projects, my server, and sometimes thoughts regarding issues in the technology field. It also hosts reviews for my photographs from time to time.


I set up this blog to see if I could tell stories with my photos and be less "technical" and more humane with my photography.

Wretch Blog

This is my personal blog that has survived for the longest – having been created in 2005 as an MSN Spaces Blog – and I write anything on it.

Review on exchange student's life

I wrote this 13-page report to reflect my 2010-2011 year as an exchange stdudent at San Deigo State University (this was required by my "home" university), detailing what I saw, expereinced, and learned, at my first-ever-in-life stay in the States. It's definitely a fun read.

Some miscellaneous bits about me:

Anobii Bookshelf

I love to read as much as I love to write, even though in recent years I have shifted my focus to online articles, essays and papersm, from composed books. Still, I keep my Kindle around to read books that enable me to learn new things collectively and systematically.

Pixnet Album

All pictures taken by me since early 2000's, totalling to over ten thousand photos. Still actively updated.

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