Min-Zhong John Lu

@ Mnjul/purincess

A tech-savvy Taiwanese currently residing in Seattle, loves bringing computational thinking to daily life.

I currently work at DPReview.com (an Amazon.com / IMDb.com website) as a web developer. My past experiences include front-end and back-end web development with Mozilla and Plurk.

This personal webpage is dedicated to exploring me as a human being through different aspects. It’s not a complete portfolio in any way, but rather a means with which I aim to (re-)discover myself.

Looking for my professional experiences & projects? Check out my resume, typeset with my own technologies. Also available is an academic-style CV, serving as a detailed software-engineering portfolio. Finally, connect with me at LinkedIn and send me job leads messages!

Personal Websites

Even to this date of late 2010s where personal websites and blogs have given way to social networking and microblogging sites, I have still been producing my own personal websites.

This non-stopping habit, beginning in 2000, has allowed me to test my website building ability even without a freelance case. Every couple years, I scrapped the entire website and began from scratch for a new one, almost always forcing myself to use a newer technology.

Such habit has also allowed me to reflect upon myself, somewhat objectively: what was my present life built upon? what counted as me? and so on.


Photography is one big aspect in my daily life. I have had my own point-and-shoot since early 2000s, and went on to have DSLRs.

Even nowadays, I still carry my point-and-shoot with me, even though I own a smartphone, such that I am confident that I can capture the moment whenever and wherever I am, and however I want.

My photography knowledge is mostly derived from film photography, but I never dislike heavy post-processing apps like Instagram — For me, photography is just a convenient way to express art in realism, and any constructs/tools serving that purpose are welcome.

Writing & Blogs

As much as I love to take photographs, I love to write, from technical articles to personal blogs, or just reflections from my trips.

An avid diary keeper, I have been keeping my diary since I was 11 years old, and I only fully transitioned from paper diaries to electronic ones after I graduated from university. Even I’m into my 30s, my wife and I still write our shared diary daily.

As I am multilingual — native in Mandarin Chinese, fluent in English, and intermediate in Japanese — I enjoy employing the peculiarities of each language, and from time to time I love to write something in a specific language whose peculiarities might suit the contents well.

For me, writing, regardless of the domain, helps me to think and reason structurally and logically, and also enables me to look into issues deeper.


I have strong interest in classical (or rather “common practice period”) music, especially from the Baroque era through early Romantic era. I have also acquired absolute pitch when I learned to play the piano as a child.

Even though I did not pursue a music-related career, I have still maintained my interest in playing the piano, music history, and, from time to time I compose music, without conforming to formal rules. I also know a little bit about digital sound processing!

And Many Other Things…

My old projects or really miscellaneous links are there .

As an old-school computer scientist, I regard non-web JavaScript ecosystem terrible, or, rather, cancerous. And I’m continuing on my way to be doing more functional programming.

I don’t believe in free market, capitalism and social darwinism; on this spectrum, I’m probably more at the socialist’s side. This was influenced by Prof. David Gauss and Prof. William Root when I was at San Diego State University. Nevertheless, my day-to-day employing of conversational sarcasm may apparently contradict this claim.

I take deep interest in psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, and I strive to be mindful on my mindfulness (or the lack thereof).