Mnjul's Messenger Plus! Live Page


is a popular MsgPlus! Script to make customized sign-in notifications to your contacts (no longer maintained).


on how to let a MsgPlus! Script-callable DLL handle Plus! scripting objects allows DLLs for Plus! scripts utilize scripting objects such as in asynchronous callbacks.

Generic Subclassing Helper

allows MsgPlus! Scripts subclass any Messenger windows without script developers having to write their own DLLs or assembly routines.


is a tiny MsgPlus! Script that displays /ping results to the detail of milliseconds.

Ctrl-W Closer

is a tiny MsgPlus! Script that allows using Ctrl-W to close conversation windows for Windows Live Messenger 8 and 2009.

Yet Another Photo Sharing Disabler

is a tiny MsgPlus! Script that disables outgoing Photo Sharing functionality in Windows Live Messenger 2009.

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