Yet Another Photo Sharing Disabler

— a Messenger Plus! Live Script by Mnjul

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Current version: 1.00.0011 on 2010/05/14. Compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8064.0206, 14.0.8089.0726, and 14.0.8117.0416.

What is this?

This is a Messenger Plus! Live script which lets you disable the Photo Sharing feature of Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Why is this script not in the official Messenger Plus! script database?

Because there is already one in the database, and I don't want to upload to the database a script that provides pretty much the same functionality as some that's already in the database.

How is this script different from the one that is already in the database?

This script is not necessarily better than the one already in the database — it depends on the user.

Is this script "safe"? No virus? No malware?

Indeed, this script doesn't go under the screening procedure that every script in the official database would go under... but this script is safe. It's completely open source, and what it does is completely transparent to you.

How do I enable/disable this script?

Just enable/disable it in Messenger Plus! Live's Preferences' Scripts section.

How do I get support on this script?

You probably want to send me a Private Message on Messenger Plus! Live Official Forums (needs registration). As for posting on the forums, since this script is not on the official database, chances are not many people know this script, and therefore you might not get helpful information by posting.